The module supplies key information management (quantitatively financial) dedicated to support operational management of the company.

The database of the system stores any scanned documents of the company like state certificates, documentation, and other documents.

The system supports the creation of document patterns used in the organization. The user can have access to all documents on a multi-platform (PC, web browser).

The system is makes use of input data to compile statistical reports and it will be helpful to create more efficient and profitable flight schedules with optimum aircraft utilization.

Main Benefits:

All company documents up to date in one place.
Easy access to all documents on all platforms (PC, web browser, iPhone and iPad).
User defined pattern creation of documents and historical changes.
Support of the creation of the next versions of documents.
Tree view of the documents.
Access to the all types of the documents by using granted permission.
Two main types of the documents: raster – scanned (jpg, png, bmp, pdf…) and edited files divide on usually used (doc, xls, rtf, pdf) and structured – mainly docx for advanced management of the content who can be linked in other modules of the system and third party systems as well.

The screen shots of the Module: