This part of the system is useful in the creation of duty plans (rostering), crew control, and crew support. The system involves the automatic planning option which allows for the creation of any roster according to the aviation authority regulations and internal company procedures.

According to the requirements, the system can discriminate different types of crew duties such as: stand by, day off, holidays, sickness, session on simulator, etc.

All essential documents and information can be gathered on the Crew Panel – visible and easily accessible for the crew members from their own accounts. Access to the Crew Panel is easy via web browser.

Main Benefits:

Auto planner – automatic duty planning according to FDP, company roles and legal restrictions. Planning of DUTIES, RQST, STBY, and OFF.
Requesting center for the crew members.
Information flow system – the system sends the message to a crew member after any changes of the roster. System collecting confirmation of receiving/reading.
Crew control gives the Crewing Officer to react quickly and make changes in the roster in an optional time.
Planning according to duty schemas.
The system provides the complete and current information about the flights, schedules, and unexpected situations.
Rosters and request notification on the website panel is easy to access for authorized user.
All the restrictions and requirements in the system are created according to the aviation law regulations and personalized company regulations (manuals, request regulations, etc.).
Information based on staff responsibilities and duties can be filtered and easily exported from the system.
Reports of duties (basic and advanced) according to personalized needs.
Tracking crew expirations for proficiency checks, line checks, recurrent training, or ad-hoc checks.
All data stored in the database accessible for users according to their authorization levels.

The screen shots of the Module: