Flight Operations module provides full and up-to-date information about flights for all operational departments and management. Control and management of flight operations are the most important tasks of the Flight Operations module in the system. The module enables the fastest reaction on threats and irregularities (which can occur during the flights) by using advanced transfer and edition tools.

This module as well as the departments which is dedicated to is extended and customized according to the component requirements such as: OCC, Flight Information, MCC, CCC, HCC, etc.

Multi-scenario optimization commercial programs allow the user to choose the most effective scenario for the implementation accordingly to company strategy.

This module provides the key data (about the product, schedule, prices, and seat factors) to other modules.

Main Benefits:

Operations Control Center support.
Operational information flow between all departments real time.
MVT automatic reading and sending.
Supervision on the actual fleet condition.
Supervision of flight documents.
Connection online to the third party software for flight planing docs.
Irregularities alerting with an option of filling key information directly on flight strips.
Custom After Flight Report / Jurney Log / Duty Report conected to other modules or departments as well.
Support for other operational departments such as: OCC, NTO, HCC, MCC and Crewing.
DOC analysis for all aircraft types on ad-hoc directions.
Over 6000 airports in the database who could give services for commercial airlines and around 40 000 airports for General Aviation.
Easy and quick comparing DOC for different aircraft types.
Commercial contract management.
Preparation of the preliminary evaluation of costs for charter flights and ad hoc.
Different schedule scenarios.
Ad-hoc committing flights.

The screen shots of the Module: