The biggest issue of every airline is control costs connected with the activity.

The Ground Handling is an area of an airline in which the highest cost related to proper and safe flight operations execution are generated (for example, fuel costs, passenger services, de-icing, etc.).

In the system, we concentrate all effort to enable effective cost control and give personalized tools helpful in decreasing costs.

Main Benefits:

Matrix contracts gives possibility to input variable conditions of each kind of contract and supports supervising it.
iPad checklist of handling service verification for pilots and handling agents (separated for each airport) previously defined by FOPH and GOPH on the basis of handling agreements with the airports.
Qualitative and quantitative parameters monitoring – we understand that complete information will help you to reduce handling costs.
Handling services, airport rates, ground operations statistics creation, fuel and tankering costs.
Four levels of mutual financial control with handling service suppliers: Flight Deck Checklists; JL; AFR; on duty ground handling employees and HCC; GOPH.
Contractor database management.
Essential verification and acceptance of the costs.
Permanent or recurrent (daily, weekly, monthly) service cost changes update, the user can choose the best solution.
List of airport fuel price database storage.
Fuel cost document confirmation or rejection.
Fuel contracting.
Ad-hoc fuel supplier database including key contractor contacts.

The screen shots of the Module: