This module supports the Quality and Safety department activities by organizing audit preparation and procedures in separated areas of airline activity. The alerting and reporting option in this module supports discrepancy removal.

The system clearly presents the current condition of the organization in any optional moment.

All the essential information which can improve airline safety is used by the Safety Management System. On the way of airline risk minimization, the system does analysis of the risk conditions and uses key processes to prevent security breaches.

The main role of this module is the supervision of work in all of the departments and collecting information about any safety or security rule breaking and reporting them.

In cooperation with the Quality module SMS takes care of staff authorization certificates of approval and documents as well.

Main Benefits:

Internal and external audit execution support.
Discrepancy reporting and supervising with support of its systematic removal.
Control of the employee validity authorization system.
Automatic notification of the respective managers in advance about expirations on each level of crew members (qualifications, SIM sessions, etc.).
Base set of SMS procedures and processes.
The procedures and processes for SMS implementation in the organization.
Alerting bad conditions.
Risk minimization by involving sets of procedures based on safety and security experience in order to appraise and minimize company risk.
Supervision of discrepancy rectification.
Audit management.
Current FDP mismatch observation.
On the basis of collected information, the system suggest regarding training execution.

The screen shots of the Module:

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