The company leads the certificates base and specialized training for employees. The application keeps and monitors all important terms of validity required by aviation authorities. WBT/CBT (WEB/COMPUTER BASE TRAINING) is the most important center of the trainings and can be used on all platforms. It is not designed only for the crew, but for all employees to control, relay knowledge, and training renewal.

The user can create examples of exercises and exams based on the various kinds of instructional materials (videos, presentations, and descriptions).

The system allows for the leading of different trainings and exams and then sends the results to the superiors at the same time keeping the forms in storage.

Main Benefits:

Monitoring validity of all requirements, certificates, and trainings.
Attaching any amount of training, examination, and qualification materials.
Training management for all types of the personnel (flight and ground crew, office staff…).
Report of current authorization, certificates and any qualifications.
Report about requirements of the trainings and certificate expiration.
Notification for flight crew by email and sms about authorization expiration.
Easy and clear use of the training module.
Accordance with EU-OPS and PART-FCL.
Support of the personnel recruitment process using tests.
WBT self study from anywhere and at any time via website.
Reduction of training costs through the use of the WTB/CBT platform.
Creation of templates of the tests and trainings for the staff.
Storage of all the documents in a database (qualifications, authorizations, and trainings).

The screen shots of the Module: