ACS System Enterprise

We are developing customized aviation software solutions using most up to date IT features, with faster program execution, cheaper than the competition, for efficient management decisions to save your company costs.

Flight Operations

Flights management, OCC support

Crew Support

Crew planing & management together with auto-planner

Training CBT & WBT

Courses, exams and traninig management


Quality & Safety Management System

Contracts Management

Costs control based on signed contracts

Back Office

Document Management, HR database & features across the system

Crew Portal

Crew Portal – a web app for employees, mainly for crew members.

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Roster, JL/AFR

Access to the roster in few types of view – mainly calendar view. Possibility to fill Journey Log / After Flight Report prefilled by standard times.


Access to the personal qualification records. Possibility auto-renew qualifications by sending photo of the exam confirmation or other proof and declare validity.

Crew Briefing

Sign-on / off for duty via mobile and web app. Auto sign-off possible up to the configuration.


Access to the company documents stored in common library. Up to granted rights access to other files.

Ops view on maps

Access to view ops situation on map. This feature shows the position of aircraft during the flight and parked as well. Aircraft positions are estimated based on the times entered in the system – mainly scheduled, estimated and actual times.

Stripes Ops view

Stripes view to see all the flight or only flights where crew member is engaged.
Up to granted access rights user can edit flight times and other data. Can be used by mobile dispatchers as well.

Training / WBT

Courses, lessons, exams via web app. Autoextension of the qualifications if configured in the exam setup. The passage of a full, multi-lesson course path is usually completed with an exam.


Gives crew member possibility send request for day off (or other employee activity defined in the system) and see the status.

Anonymous Reporting

Sending report to the company (Qualify & Safety Dept) in 100% anonymous. No data about sender will be stored and passed to the system. 

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The features made

Airline – oriented 

The ACS system was created specifically for the airlines needs. All the requirements have come from aviation’s people, expirienced Post Holders, and the airline staff.
Compatible with all requirements imposed by major aviation supervisors such as EASA and FAA and national regulations defining the specific conditions of aviation law in a given country. 

A special application model allows you to adapt to different requirements and the main system settings are based on the creation of multi-parameter rules, which later are the basis of the operation of the system.


We understand that the English language is the most popular in the aviation world. English is the standard in the ACS System Enterprise. However, the system is ready to adopt other languages (eg. Polish – our company native language).


Every airline and every country have the same problems with currency and reconciliation in their national currency. At any time, you can have statements coming from the system in the currency that is needed.


Various rules defined by aviation authority, aviation law, labour law, national law, international regulators such as EASA and FAA are supported by the ACS System.

Advanced IT technology engaged 

The latest software technology used like as Microsoft VS #C, .Net tools in conjunction with DevExpress, JQ, Ajax, Telerik Progress Kendo UI and many other modern web technologies based mainly on Java Script.
ACS System Enterprise is integrated with MS Office and Adobe PDF on many levels.

PC App

Main functions of the system are delivered with PC App. All the configurations, rules, parameters are set via PC App.

Server App

Server is armed by additional software created by ACS. This part of the system run automated functions and auto-planner.

Web App

Together with all the components ACS deliver Web App for each installations. This is part of the system responsible for communication between office and crew mainly. Every employee can have an access to many functionalities of the system via web.

Data Exchange

Between apps and third party apps data are exchanged using XML/JSON standard mainly Rest std.

Your data is your Value

You have full access to your data. You can export in selected digital data format – most popular xls. Many software vendors, blocks the possibility of access to data in pure form.

Cost optimization 

Contracts Management module gives you possibility to manage your operational costs. Any contract type can be input into the system and on a base of contracted services you can get even costs forecast for the period as you wish.


More automatic mechanisms are helpful for airline staff. Planning using auto-planner is more efficient, optimized, safer, and costs less than manually updating data.


Set parameters

Indicate time scope eg. 1 month, set the fleet and crew who should be planned. Set other parameters if needed.



Run auto-planner by clicking Start button.
Auto-planner is working on the server in the background. After auto-planner will finish the work will inform you by alert.



Roster can be corrected manually if needed and you need to Publicate the roster.
After you publicate the crew members will have an access to the roster via Crew Portal.

Efficient Autoplanning Engine

An example: an airline has 10 aircraft A320, more than 100 pilots and more than 200 flight attendants, performing 50 flight operations daily, the Auto-planner Engine executes the roster in less that hour!
This is the result of the work of one of the users of ACS System Enterprise.


Deck Crew

Cabin Crew

Auto-planner work


More automatic mechanisms helpful for the airline staff. 

Templates *.docx

JL/AFR, General Declaration, Daily, Weekly Plan, Competency Card etc.. User can design a *.docx template file and the system will use it by filling it in with data.


An e-mail notification about relevant changes or events eg. change a flight data, removal of the flight, journey log, changes in the schedule etc..

Automatic reading
incomming MVT

All incoming messages are read automatically and then, based on the information contained about the times like ATD, ATA, ETD, ETA, TOT, LND etc. or PAX number, payload , the system automatically changes the data in the system. This mechanism eliminates often made mistakes.

Automatic reading 
outcomming MVT

User can also use the system’s f-unction, which allows to automatically generate outgoing messages MVT. When saving flight data, when ATD, ATA, ETD, ETA, etc. time changes, for example the system immediately sends MVT messages to the specific recipients set in the system config.

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